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Social Equality
for All

Our mission is a peaceful way to set social, political, and economic equality globally. We dream is to live in harmony.


Political leaders are expected to express their opinion on free equal justice by forming the national union (1000 current and former mayors all over the country).

  • Our activists invite police violence victims to share stories
  • We encourage you to help us prevent lethal criminal cases
  • Support families who wish to keep their children safe

When we bring the people and government together, we want them to get along and advocate for laws that will support the anti-racism system.
Contact us now. Let’s make a difference today!

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Enlaces importantes

El Consejo Nacional de Atención al Migrante de Guatemala (CONAMIGUA) fue creado a través del Decreto 46-2007 del Congreso de la República, que fue promulgado por Acuerdo Gubernativo 106-2009 del Organismo Ejecutivo y quedó formalmente integrado el 1 de octubre de 2008, con la elección del Secretario y Subsecretario Ejecutivo.


14 calle 3-51 zona 10 Edificio Murano Center, Oficina 1001, nivel 10. PBX: (502) 22995600